PPAP – Workshop on Patterns Promotion and Anti-patterns Prevention

The PPAP workshop has been canceled!

Important Dates

Submission: November 11, 2016
Notification: December 16, 2016
Camera ready: January 13, 2017
Workshop: February, 2017
Website: http://ppap.soccerlab.polymtl.ca


In the SANER community, patterns and anti-patterns are widely studied in relation to program comprehension, software maintenance, and more generally software quality. Limited feedback exist on the extend to which practitioners benefit from this body of work. PPAP 2017 aims to provide a platform to promote the adoption (and adaption) of patterns and anti-patterns in practice. The overall goal is to bring together practitioners, researchers and students to discuss challenges and opportunities surrounding the (anti-)patterns in software evolution, and to develop a roadmap that aims to further their application. We expect to gain a common understanding of the positive and negative aspects related to pattern application and anti-pattern detection. In particular, researchers will gain insights on the factors that may prevent practitioners to adopt patterns and practitioners will benefit from a deeper understanding of the current state of the art. Concrete workshop outcomes include a technical report collecting all workshop contributions and working session results, and a paper that summarizes the main ideas and roadmap developed during the workshop.


Leon Moonen, Simula Research Laboratory, Norway
Foutse Khomh, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
Hironori Washizaki, Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada
Giuliano Antoniol, Polytechnique Montréal, Canada