Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt

The Alpen-Adria University of Klagenfurt was found in 1970 and today consists of four faculties with around 12,000 students. The Faculty of Technical Sciences (TeWI) consists of seven institutes grouped into three departments. The Institute of Informatics Systems is part of the Department of Informatics and currently comprises three full professors, three associate professors, two assistant professors, and 12-15 scientific and technical staff members. The Software Engineering Research Group is part of the Institute of Informatics Systems.

The map below gives an overview of our campus highlighting the locations most relevant for SANER 2017 attendees.

Overview of Campus

The map below shows the locations of the rooms of Building E in which the SANER 2017 sessions will take place.

Map of Conference Building E


Klagenfurt is the capital of the state Carinthia in the South of Austria. Currently, Klagenfurt has a population of 96,6 thousand people. The name Klagenfurt was first mentioned in the late 12th century and legend has it that Klagenfurt was founded after a couple of brave men had slain the abominable Lindwurm, a winged dragon. The city is located next to the lake Woerthersee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Austria, surrounded by several forest-covered hills and mountains. It offers also beautiful views in winter. There are a lot of things to do and to see around Klagenfurt.

The lake Woerthersee is a 5-10 minutes walk from the university.


Pyramidenkogel near Klagenfurt is built of wood and steel, and at a height of 100 metres it is the tallest wooden observation tower in the world.


Skiing is very popular in Austria. The skiing resort closest to Klagenfurt is Gerlitzen. It takes ~30 mins. to reach Gerlitzen by car or by train. Many other large skiing resorts, such as Nassfeld/HermagorKatschberg, or Bad Kleinkirchheim can be reached by car within 1h. The equipment for skiing and other winter sports activities typically can be rented on-site.


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